Gaelic's Finest: Fine goods from Scotland

Gaelic's Finest's products are quality products. They are handmade in small quantities in Scotland and are imported directly from Scotland.
This is applicable to both the jewellery and the natural soaps.

*Stewart Moar lives in Orkney, one of the Shetland Islands
*Wallis Hunter is based in Carradale, on the penninsula of Mull of Kintyre
*Jamie Ferguson lives near the city of Portsoy in Banffshire
*Heathergems is from Pitlochry
*Mithryll is based in Glasgow

Mithryll has already designed jewellery for numerous reputable companies.
When it comes to celtic jewellery, he is the jeweller amongst the jewellers.

Jamie Ferguson from the Pictish Designs is a young designer.  With the cooperation of his wife, he is fully dedicated to his business and design original decorative jewellery.

Heathergems is a big company but by using heather in a unique way, they design one-of-a-kind pieces and therefore fit fully in the Gaelic's Finest's range.

Wallis Hunter is a goldsmith who not only designs and makes his own jewellery but he also manufactures the molds for other Scottish jewellers.

Stewart Moar's jewels are based on celtic knots and he represents the celtic signs in the most classical way.  He manipulates the jewels so that they have an 'old' look.

The natural soaps from Hebridean Soap Co are made by Linda on the isle of Lewis.  Linda makes both her traditional and liquid soaps with local products in the artisanal way.

Gaelic's Finest provides whisky with the same principles described in the other products.  In Scotland, whisky is called 'the golden liquid'.